About Us

What are we trying to achieve?

  Our junior peer interactive golf learning program brings together families and juniors who don’t have access to a learning facility that employs “a comprehensive approach to learning”. Its trained professional staff offers all the children from the ages of 5 thru 17 an opportunity to learn how to play the great game of golf.

How we meet the need.

  We utilize prompting, verbal and nonverbal skills, specialized training devices, mechanical/physical/stimulus techniques and motion drills that aide in building a dynamic learning experience for both parent and child. While researchers continue seeking resources to eliminate Autism and other Pervasive Learning Disorders, we at the BJAGA are hopeful that over time they will find a cure, in the meantime, we will be helping parents and their juniors build bridges through the great game of golf.

Who does it help?

  The academy helps many people who may have or have yet to develop a love for the game of golf. We provide resources for families in a safe environment to get away from the chaotic demands and pressures of daily life as it relates to coping with challenges of kids with learning disorders. We help remove the sense of being shut out by providing access, alternate pathways of learning and key fundamental techniques necessary for navigating through present day life.

Executive Board Members

Charles Lightfoot Executive Director

Charles Lightfoot 

Actively involved in many aspects of the golf industry for over 20 years, his wealth and breadth of knowledge coupled with his comprehensive study of special needs children on the autism spectrum gives him a unique and effective approach to teaching any student the great game of golf.

Michael J. Russ Board Advisory Liaison

Michael J. Russ

International Bestselling Author, Keynote

Speaker/Trainer/Coach, and Passionate Golfer

As the internationally bestselling author of Zero Adversity: 3 Practical Steps to Freedom, Fulfillment

and Creating an Authentic Life and six other audio books, including Powerful Golf: Lower Your Score by Changing the Way You Think, Michael is no stranger to the ways adversity impacts your life and success.

His encounters with adversity and uncontrollable circumstances early on in his sales career led him to pioneer Zero Adversity™ Training and Coaching (www.michaeljruss.com), to convey practical methods which significantly boost resilience, save time, increase productivity, and foster greater success and fulfillment.

Michael’s passion for golf began when his father introduced him to the game while living in the Philippines at the ripe old age of eight. He views the game as a metaphor for life and an ideal proving ground for implementing his proprietary methods to overcome and release adversity, curate a solid inner conversation, and foster greater agility and resilience.

Michael’s connection with Charles Lightfoot goes back over a decade, and he currently serves as an advisor to the BJAGA. He contributed to Voices From the Outside, a film which documents the BJAGA’s transformative work, and partners with Charles in their inspiring program called Business Interactive which uses golf as a platform for reaching greater personal and professional success.

Life is a journey with no shortcuts to sustained success, Michael says. How you respond to challenges and the self-talk you use along the way greatly influence achieving intentions, goals, and dreams.

Rich Jones Board Diversity Consultant

Rich Jones

PGA Class A - Metropolitan PGA Head Professional 


Professional Awards

PGA Lead, 2017-2018 Class 
A Metropolitan PGA Junior Leader, Top 50 US Kids Teacher, PGA President’s Council on Growing the Game, PGA National Junior Leader Award (Finalist), Rich Jones, Class-A PGA Professional and Certified First Tee Coach, has been a Golf Professional since 1996. Rich has offered his skills and dedication in support of BJAGA efforts in “Fighting Against Autism”

Rich Jones,“I feel privileged to be able to help shape and mold students’ outlook on golf, because I know golf will shape their outlook on life.  I understand I am teaching more than how to play a game.  I have developed a love and passion for teaching.  I believe in this so much that I have dedicated my career to making golf accessible and affordable for juniors, especially those who would not normally have the chance to play. It is my gift to share, my responsibility, and my way of giving back.”       

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